Can Illegal Immigrants Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

The United States currently has around 5 million immigrants living and working in the country illegally. President Obama has announced a plan that would allow these individuals to avoid deportation and continue working—but will they qualify for Social Security Disability benefits if disabilities keep them from working?

According to the Daily Chronicle, the answer is no. Officials stated that while illegal immigrants will be able to obtain work permits under President Obama’s new plan, they will not qualify for federal benefits such as Supplemental Security Income, food stamps, or Social Security Disability.

This leaves many citizens questioning how illegal immigrants can protect themselves from the costs of a disability. Obama’s plan states they would be able to buy health coverage and insurance at full price to help with expenses in the event they are injured or become ill.

The announcement of the plan has stirred controversy in Washington, with some calling the plan a necessary step. Still others say the proposal oversteps the President’s authority.

At Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin, we know how complicated the laws surrounding Social Security Disability benefits can be. That’s why our Social Security Disability lawyers hope any changes made to public policy will be in the best interests of our nation.

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