Changes to Distribution of Supplemental Security Income in New York

Living on a budget is a reality for most Americans receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and recipients in New York may soon need to make some adjustments since changes have been made to when benefits are distributed in the state.

The Rome Sentinel explains New Yorkers receiving SSI benefits will now receive two separate payments each month, rather than one lump sum. One of the payments will come from the Social Security Administration. Then, later in the month, recipients will get another payment from New York’s SSI State Supplement Program.

Beneficiaries will still receive the same amount of income each month, and payments will be made using the same methods as before. The changes allow the state to save money by administering payments through their own system, rather than paying the Social Security Administration to distribute payments.

These changes could throw a wrench in your monthly budget if you’re a New Yorker who depends on SSI benefits to make ends meet. That’s why the team of Supplemental Security Income lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin would like to offer you these tips to help ease the transition:

Track Your Expenses

Try holding on to receipts for several weeks to a month. Then, examine your expenses to determine where your money is going. Having this information can help you prioritize what expenses should be paid first.

Check For Supplemental Security Income Payments

Since you will now be receiving two separate payments, it may be more difficult to notice if a payment is late or missed. So, be sure to regularly check your mail or account on the day payments are made to ensure you receive your benefits.

Go Automatic

The SSA recently made a push to stop making paper payments, but some recipients have not made the transition to automatic payments. Doing so will save you a trip to the bank each month and can prevent the loss or theft of your monthly benefits.

We hope these tips help you to better manage your Supplemental Security Income payments.

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