Complications With Getting SSD Benefits While Working

Social Security Disability benefits provide financial support to Americans unable to work due to mental or physical conditions, but they also offer vocational training and rehabilitation to get recipients back to work. However, many individuals are under the impression they will lose their benefits if they decide to return to work.

One woman has been involved in a Social Security Disability Appeal since her benefits were revoked due to a miscommunication. She explains that a Social Security employee told her she could continue working a job as a court-appointed mental health advocate while collecting Social Security Disability benefits as long as the income she received did not exceed $1,019 per month. But another worker put a stop on the victim’s Social Security payments, claiming she was making too much money and had over collected benefits by an estimated $10,600.

The Des Moines Register states that since the stop was put on the payments, the victim has gotten behind on bills and her mortgage.

The Social Security Disability Attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin say stories like this highlight the importance of having quality legal representation by your side throughout the Social Security claims process and are hopeful a resolution in this case brings some closure to the victim.

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