Federal Prosecutors Nab 9 Kent, WA, Residents for Elaborate Disability Scam

Nine auto-dealers from Kent, Washington, were arrested Friday on charges of fraud and theft after allegedly scamming the Social Security Administration out of more than $700,000. The accused, each of whom worked in auto sales, falsely claimed that mental impairments left them unable to work.

The indictments state that the defendants variously faked disabilites during interviews, misrepresented their work histories and assets, and registered for and used multiple Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers.

One accused man, aged 50, originally applied for Social Security Disability in 1990, while a 45-year-old woman concurrently collected payments as his purported caregiver. Four others are accused of committing fraud for as long as 31 years by using second identities and claiming disability even as they ran a used car lot.

“These Social Security dollars provide a critical safety net for those who really need the assistance,” said U.S.  Attorney Jenny A. Durkan in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “This kind of fraud tears at that safety net and betrays taxpayers who expect their hard earned dollars to go to the truly needy.”

Why do you think that it’s so difficult for some people to have their disability benefits approved while others easily obtain disabilities fraudulently?

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