Four Injured In Elkhart Drunk Driving Simulator Crash

June 20, 2012

While educating young people about the dangers of drinking and driving and Terre Haute Auto Accidents is important, it apparently comes with its own set of risks. According to The Tribune-Star, three teens and a Sheriff’s deputy were injured in Elkhart, Indiana, this past Monday evening when the drunken driving simulator that they were utilizing crashed.

Reports indicate that the teens were participating with the drunken driving simulator as part of the Explorers program, which is intended for young men and women interested in a law enforcement career. The simulator is a converted golf cart that teens drive through a series of obstacles while wearing a pair of goggles that mimic the effects of alcohol on the body with blurred vision and inaccurate depth perception.

The accident happened as a teen was driving the simulator through the obstacle and overcorrected. The golf cart tipped, and a gust of wind blew it over.

One passenger was taken to a local hospital by helicopter after complaining of numbness in his arms, while the two other teen passengers were taken by ambulance after making complaints of pain in their arms, shoulders, neck, and head. The deputy who was with them was treated for foot pain and several small lacerations as well.

The Terre Haute Personal Injury Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin would like to wish everyone who was injured in this accident a full and speedy recovery from their injuries.

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