Could Indiana and Illinois GMO Corn Lawsuits Be Heard In Federal Court?

Corn is a lynchpin in the economy and agriculture of Indiana and Illinois. So when China rejected tons of the corn grown in these states because it was contaminated with genetically modified (GMO) seeds, many landowners, farmers, distributors, and exporters experienced significant losses.

Syngenta Agrisure Viptera® MR162 Corn—a GMO seed–was marketed to corn growers as being resistant to a multitude of pests; however, the seed was not approved by one of our nation’s largest purchasers of corn: China. As a result, Chinese officials rejected all shipments of corn from the U.S. This sent corn prices spiraling out of control and leaving an overstock of corn on the market.

Many of those who were affected by the debacle in our area may have the option to file Indiana and Illinois GMO corn lawsuits. It’s important to know Syngenta is moving to have the lawsuits heard in federal court while the victims of China’s corn ban argue that because no federal laws are in question, the state courts are where the cases should be heard.

According to an article from, Syngenta representatives state they believe the federal courts should make the decision in the suits because it involves an “international trade incident.”

Regardless of what forum these cases are heard in, it would be wise to speak with a legal representative about your case prior to filing a lawsuit. Our Terre Haute personal injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin say that doing so can help to ensure all your questions are answered and all the needed documentation for your case is in order.

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