Increase in Trauma Treatment Centers May be Partly Responsible for Decrease in Fatality Rates

The sheer nature of accidents dictates that when they occur, it’s almost inevitable that injuries will be involved. In fact, injury is the leading cause of death among people under age 45—a demographic especially prone to accidents.

Our Indiana personal injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin explain that some experts say the best way to reduce this fatality rate is to provide higher volumes of better medical care. The state has been working to increase the number of trauma centers across Indiana in recent years and the efforts seem to be paying off.

According to an article from The Times, Indiana has seen a more than 100 percent increase in the number of trauma centers within its borders during the past two years. Furthermore, Art Logsdon, Assistant Commissioner for the Indiana State Department of Health, says more of these facilities are on the way—especially in the northwest region of the state.

The increase in treatment facilities seems to be effective in helping to keep fatality rates in check as well. Officials say preventative death rates drop by as much as 25 percent when an injury victim is treated at a local trauma center.

In order to qualify as a state-certified trauma center, a facility must have a surgeon on hand within 30 minutes and must have transfer agreements in place with larger facilities.

At Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin, we recognize the importance of quality medical care in the event of an accident like a car crash, dog bite, or a traumatic brain injury. That’s why our attorneys applaud the efforts being made to give Indiana’s citizens better access to these facilities.

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