Indiana Troopers Working to Reduce Distracted Driving Accidents

One of the leading causes of motor vehicle collisions in Indiana today is distracted driving. Our Terre Haute car accident attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin explain that in 2011 alone, distractions contributed to a total of 6,373 crashes on Indiana’s roadways. Of those accidents, as many as 5,856 were the result of an unspecified distraction, while 500 were caused by cellphone use and another 17 were the result of passenger distractions. These accidents resulted in almost $35 million in economic damages.

With distraction being such a common problem on Indiana’s roads, law enforcement is stepping up their efforts against the behavior. According to an article from WFYI Indianapolis, Indiana State Troopers are partnering with law enforcement agencies from Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia in conducting the campaign.

The efforts kicked off earlier this week on July 20 with troopers watching for motorists showing signs of distractions such as driving with their head down or erratic speed and lane changes. The project is expected to continue through Saturday, July 25.

The program provides a means of creating accountability among drivers, but officials say it also allows law enforcement agencies to share information about enforcement tactics and data regarding distracted driving.

Our Indiana personal injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin believe in the importance of educating the public about distracted driving. That’s why we would like to applaud Indiana’s troopers for their efforts and encourage motorists to focus on the road at all times when driving.

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