Low Water Levels Contributing To Increase In Indiana Spinal Cord Injuries

August 8, 2012

Swimming is a fun and relaxing way to cool off during the dog days of summer, but it is important to be aware of the dangers that lurk just beneath the surface. According to INC Now News, emergency rooms across Indiana are seeing an increase in the number of spinal cord injuries as well as neck injuries associated with shallow diving.

An Indiana spinal cord injury can occur when one or more of a person’s vertebrae are broken, compressed, or dislocated. This type of injury can vary in severity from minor to leaving the victim permanently disabled. Common symptoms associated with spinal cord injuries are the loss of control of bodily movement and functions.

The hot dry conditions so far this summer have water levels around the state down between 18 and 30 inches below average water levels. Experts say it’s best to check water levels before attempting to jump or dive into a body of water. This can be done by tying a rock to a string and submerging it until it touches bottom. Never dive into less than 10-feet of clear water.

It’s important to also be supervised by a lifeguard or responsible adult when swimming in a pool.

The Indiana disability lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin ask that citizens be careful when swimming in areas that may be subject to fluctuating water depths by always swimming with another person.

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