Medics Uncover Growing Problem WIth Private Ambulances

June 15, 2011

The voices of medics across the state of Indiana are being heard as they shed light on a secret practice. Nursing homes are calling private ambulance companies, sometimes miles away, instead of dialing 911 in life threatening situations.

13 Investigates uncovered the story of an Indianapolis woman who died after going into cardiac arrest and waiting close to a half hour before a an ambulance arrived.

The report stated that the woman went into cardiac arrest around 8:15 PM on March 5. The nursing home the woman was living in called their private ambulance company, but was told it would be 20-30 minutes before they would arrive. Experts say the dispatcher should have realized this was too long to keep such a critical patient waiting and should have recommended the nursing home call 911 to alert an ambulance crew that was only five minutes away. Instead, he scrambled a crew from across town in order not to lose the run and the dollars associated with it.

“Unfortunately, private services, more at the management level, are so money driven, so hungry for being for-profit companies, that they will do everything in their power to not turn the run.” one medic explained.

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