National ID card could solve SS fraud

The most common form of identification in the United States is a driver’s license, but nonwhites are somewhat less likely than whites to have drivers’ licenses, according to The Daily Beast.

But, what happens when those in the minority who don’t have their drivers’ licenses need Social Security (SS) services? How do they identify themselves?  They usually rely on their SS numbers. But SS cards do not have photographs on them and are notoriously prone to theft, fraud, and tampering.

The Internal Revenue System (IRS) counted more than 400,000 cases of SS number theft from mid-2009 to the end of 2011.

Some people believe that a national ID card would provide personal identification that is universal and reliable.

The card would only list your name and image. Information beyond the face of the card would be encrypted inside the card and be divulged only to specific scanners such as those of an employer, a cashier, an airline worker, a policeman, a poll worker, etc.

For example, if you apply for Social Security benefits, the card would have encrypted information that only a specific scanner could reveal, which could  prevent Social Security fraud.

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