New book on Social Security

July 25, 2012

The People’s Pension: the Struggle to Defend Social Security by Eric Laursen is a new book that discusses the top ten threats to America’s national retirement system, according to Infoshop News. Laursen is an independent financial journalist, activist, and commentator.

The book also discusses what is needed to keep Social Security healthy for future generations of retirees.

In his book, Laursen opines that a powerful, well-funded movement to phase out Social Security or to privatize it has been gathering strength since the election of Ronald Reagan.

Tracing the success of grassroots labor organizers who have fought off attempts to dismantle the program, the book offers an in-depth history of the ideological clashes over this vital program since it became a lively issue in the early 1980s.

With language that is clear and understandable, The People’s Pension probes the complex arguments on both sides, and it asks fundamental questions such as “Why is the most popular and successful social program in American history, responsible for lifting generations out of poverty, now under continual assault?” and “What has changed in American society and economics to make this possible?”

The People’s Pension finds the answers in a surprising place: in the bureaucratic structure that originally molded Social Security during the New Deal era.

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