Number of Fungal Meningitis Cases Grows In Indiana

October 31, 2012

According to a story released by WIBQ News, a total of 40 cases of fungal meningitis infections and two deaths have been reported to date in Indiana. More than 1,500 patients statewide were exposed to the outbreak.

On October 16, a lawsuit was filed on behalf on a Columbus, Indiana, woman, who claims she was infected with the disease after receiving three of the tainted injection in her back while receiving pain therapy at a clinic in her hometown. The clinic was one of only six facilities in Indiana to receive the injections that were manufactured by the New England Compounding Center located in Framingham, Massachusetts. The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount in damages as the woman is only showing symptoms of the Indiana Drug Injury and has not been diagnosed yet.

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is also taking action in response to the outbreak by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the tainted drugs. The complaint file by the AG is seeking to suspend the compounding center’s license for 90 days.

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