Officials Say Texting Ban In Indiana Isn’t Working

May 2, 2012

Despite Indiana’s governor signing a law in July that made it illegal to text while driving, experts say the problem hasn’t stopped. According to WTHITV 10 News, Indiana police are blaming the problem on the actual wording of the law and the difficulties of enforcing it.

The law states that the use of any handheld device to read or transmit a text message or email while driving is illegal. It further states that drivers younger than 18-years-old are not allowed to use any electronic device at all while driving, except for in emergency situations.

Since the laws inception, very few tickets have been issued for infractions. In Vigo County, only three tickets have been written in the 10 months the law has been on the books. It’s not that people aren’t committing violations, as a recent study found that 57 percent of Indiana teens text while driving. So what seems to be the problem?

Police say the wording of the law makes it extremely difficult to enforce, as officers must actually catch violators in the act, which can be hard to decipher at times and even more difficult to prove.

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