Problems Still Arise After a Social Security Disability Approval

It seems though even once an individual receives a Social Security Disability Approval, the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) internal mistakes and bureaucratic hiccups can still make getting benefits difficult. One of the latest debacles involves an estimated 400,000 beneficiaries who the agency claims owe more than $714 million in overpayments that were issued more than a decade ago.

An article from ABC News explains the program to review payments and collect those that were issued in error began in 2008. However, since that time, many have reported having tax refunds withheld in order for the government to collect alleged overpayments.

In most of the cases, the individuals were disabled or received survivor payments after a parent or guardian died. Under the law, these individuals can be held liable for the overpayments as long as they have not stopped receiving benefits.

The program is currently under review after the SSA announced the practices of seizing tax refunds and collecting debts from errors prior to recipients turning 18-years-old would be halted.

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