Keeping Indiana Roads Safe During the Holidays

As cooler weather and the holidays quickly approach, it’s important for us to remember that car accidents tend to spike around this time of year. In fact, statistics show the last three months of the year are the deadliest time to be on the road.

In an effort to help you keep yourself and your family safe as you travel, the Indiana car accident attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin take a look at why crashes increase during this time of year, as well as what is being done to keep our roadways safe.

Experts say the time change can play a major role since motorists are traveling in low light conditions more often. The holidays also increase the volume of traffic on the road. Speaking of the holidays, drinking and driving tends to skyrocket during the weeks leading up to and following Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In order to help reduce Indiana car accident numbers during the holiday season, travelers can expect law enforcement across Indiana to be making their presence known along the highway. Reports from The Journal Gazette explain state and local officials have launched the Safe Family Travel, Operation Pull Over campaign that will run until December 6. As part of the efforts, authorities will focus on keeping intoxicated and unrestrained motorists off the road through checkpoints and saturation patrols.

The efforts couldn’t come at a better time, considering 520 people were killed and another 235 were seriously injured last year as a result of an alcohol-related Indiana car accident. A large portion of these individuals were not properly restrained at the time of the crash.

Keeping the roads safe during the holidays should be a top priority for all Indiana motorists. The Indiana personal injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin applaud the efforts being made by law enforcement to prevent accidents during the coming weeks and encourage you to do your part as well by obeying all traffic laws.

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