Social Security Administration May Add Videoconferencing to Website

The Social Security Administration is considering adding videoconferencing to its website to assist seniors who have inquiries about their Social Security or Social Security Disability benefits, said an official at Tuesday’s meeting of the agency’s Future Systems Technology Advisory Panel.

This news comes on the heels of the agency’s prior success with videoconferencing.

Some field offices have already been using videoconferencing to minimize wait times on busier days; in this way, seniors have been able to tele-conference with an agent in another office when the agents in their own office are occupied with others.

The agency has also utilized videoconferencing internally to have hearings on retirees’ disability statuses and to hold meetings.

The Systems Technology Advisory Panel can be credited with much of the Social Security Administration’s technological advances in recent years–including the agency’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Last week, the Social Security Administration even introduced an iPhone app called Baby Name Playroom that identifies the most popular baby names from years past.

Chief Information Officer Frank Baitman said that the agency is already creating another app, but that the next one will be more functional than fun–designed to help seniors with their disability benefits.

Do you think that Social Security Administration’s efforts to have more of an online presence will make things easier for people collecting Social Security and Social Security Disability?

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