AARP Launches Campaign to Safeguard Social Security and Medicare

by Staff | May 5th, 2011

May 5, 2011

AARP kicked off a new, multi-million dollar campaign yesterday to protect retirees from potentially “detrimental” budget cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

A recent AARP commercial asserts that hardworking American seniors have worked their whole lives, paid their dues, and are owed their government benefits. The organization—which defends the rights of those over 50—urges that there are other ways to cut wasteful spending and to avoid raising the federal debt ceiling.

Members of Congress are currently reviewing various proposals to trim the budget so that the debt limit doesn’t have to be raised later this year. One controversial proposal earning a lot of attention puts a cap on all spending, including Medicare and Social Security.

According to a report from the Congressional Budget Office earlier this year, Social Security is expected to run a $45 billion deficit in 2011, adding up to a $547 billion deficit over the next ten years.

About 54 million people in the U.S. currently receive Social Security benefits.

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Do you think that Social Security and Medicare should be among the budget cuts that Congress makes?

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