Wonder if your condition is not in the SSA Blue Book?

by lmallernee | January 2nd, 2013

As mentioned in our last blog, there are a number of impairments that will automatically qualify you for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI), according to DisabilitySecrets.com.

The Blue Book for the Social Security Administration (SSA) lists these impairments, but a condition does not necessarily need to be listed in SSA’s Blue Book to qualify for disability benefits.

A disability claimant does not have to have an impairment that is listed in the Blue Book to be awarded disability benefits. For instance, migraine headaches are not included in the Blue Book, but if a claimant’s migraines are severe enough and the migraines make it impossible for the disability applicant to work a full-time job, the SSA may still grant disability benefits.

The keys are that the condition be a medically determinable impairment and that it either reduces your residual functional capacity, so that you cannot do your prior job or it qualifies you for a medical-vocational allowance.

An individual filing for SSDI benefits does not necessarily have to satisfy the exact requirements listed in the Blue Book for a particular illness or condition (such as rheumatoid arthritis) to be awarded disability benefits. You may also be awarded disability benefits if SSA considers your condition medically equivalent to the criteria listed in the Blue Book.

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