Social Security Common Conditions: Diabetes

Diabetes in the United States

Thousands of conditions and illnesses can leave a person unable to work and eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, but one of the most common is diabetes. Affecting roughly 29 million Americans, the disease leaves those affected unable to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Types of Diabetes

Three common types of diabetes include:

  • Type 1– This condition is the result of the body’s inability to create insulin.
  • Type 2– This type of diabetes is often developed over time and occurs when the body cannot make or use insulin well.
  • Gestational– Pregnant women can sometimes develop diabetes as the fetus matures.

Diabetes Awareness

Several campaigns were launched at the beginning of November to help raise awareness about the devastating effects diabetes disabilities can have on individuals. First, November was named as National Diabetes Month. Also, next Friday, Nov. 14, has been declared World Diabetes Day.

As part of the campaigns, the National Institute of Health is calling on all Americans to educate themselves on diabetes care and prevention.

Getting Help With Your Diabetes

If you’re suffering from diabetes, our team of Social Security Disability lawyers encourage you to get informed about your legal rights to compensation. We can help you to better understand these rights by answering any questions you may have about your ability to get Social Security Disability benefits. Call us today at (800) 477-7315 to discuss your case.

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