Social Security Disability Myths: The Unemployed Are Abusing the System

February 14, 2014

For those unable to work due to debilitating mental or physical conditions, Social Security Disability Insurance may be the only means available for steady income. One of the greatest myths surrounding the program is that individuals who could be working are abusing the system, especially individuals whose unemployment benefits have ran out.

In research titled, “Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance In The Great Recession”, a team of the University of California-Los Angeles examined more than ten years of paperwork in order to see if there were increases in the number of Social Security Disability applications during periods of time when unemployment extensions could vary.

They found that less than two percent of individuals whose unemployment benefits were running out soon applied for Social Security disability benefits. The researchers did not record significant drops in disability insurance applications, even in states that have lengthy unemployment extension periods.

The findings show applicants who previously received unemployment benefits are not threatening the solvency of the Social Security disability program.

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