Social Security: not the young against old

July 9, 2012

Some young people believe Social Security benefits will be gone by the time they are of age to use the program. However, others believe this belief is a myth used to support privatization of Social Security, according to The Commercial Appeal.

“Generational conflict messaging is incredibly potent right now,” observes Alex Lawson, 32, executive director of the Washington advocacy group Social Security Works. He thinks that it’s time for young activists to push back against this myth.

When young people raise doubts about whether Social Security will be around for their retirement, it requires a firm answer, according to Kathryn Anne Edwards, 27, co-author of A Young Person’s Guide to Social Security, a 60-page book published last year by the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute and available for free.

“I tell them that if it’s not there for you, it’s because someone has chosen to take it away from you,” she said. “When I explain that to people my age, it really does resonate with them. They’re under the assumption that it’s some kind of mayfly, that it’s only a matter of time before it gets put to bed. But if you explain that ‘no, it’s meant to last forever,’ it resonates with them that it’s a political issue and a political decision.”

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