Social Security recipients better off with lawyers than with advocates

Non-lawyers who represent people in Social Security Disability [SSD] are known as ‘Social Security advocates.’ Some “have been caught lying about health reports and wound up defrauding the government and getting their clients in trouble,” said one SSD lawyer.

Lawyers are the best representatives for persons who are making claims for SSD benefits, the lawyer explained to The Wall Street Journal.

Since both Social Security advocates and Social Security lawyers charge fees, financially, it makes sense to hire an attorney. Social Security limits the amount of money that both attorneys and advocates can be paid on a case to the lesser of $6,000 or 25 percent.

According to The Wall Street Journal article, there are four reasons that lawyers are better than advocates in SSD cases:

1) Lawyers can appeal a final decision to a U.S. Federal Court. Advocates cannot appear in federal court.

2) Attorneys are bound to an ethical standard, so you know that your case will be handled properly.

3) If they make mistakes, lawyers could lose their licenses to practice law.

4) Judges feel more comfortable dealing with attorneys because they follow the same rules of evidence and legal procedures.

“People with disabilities need ethical, legal representation,” the SSD lawyer said. “That kind of honest representation is guaranteed with a licensed attorney with years of experience.”

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