Study Shows Mesothelioma Medication May Cause Patients to Suffer a Serious Drug Injury

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer that can be developed after exposure to the toxic substance asbestos. There are few treatments for mesotheliomaand now a new study is showing one of the drugs that has been found effective in battling the disease may present users with serious health risks.

French researchers examined the effects the drug pemetrexed had on patients and released their findings in a medical journal. They stated that while the development of rashes on the skin was common while taking the drug, several patients experienced a more severe drug injury.

Reports from Mesothelioma Help indicate one elderly patient developed painful swelling and redness in the legs that subsided upon stopping therapies using the drug. Another patient is said to have developed similar symptoms that prevented her from being able to walk.

The findings have resulted in officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommending patients using this particular drug take folic acid and Vitamin B12 during their treatment to help avoid such issues. The FDA goes on to say doctors should be sure to warn patients of the risks associated with the drug.

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