Risperdal side effects

$1.75 Million Awarded to Victim of Risperdal® Side Effects

by Staff | November 11th, 2015

The courts have once again found that drug manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, failed to warn consumers of the risks of suffering Risperdal® side effects while using the medication. Reports indicate this is the third trial the company has lost involving the drug and they could be facing many more legal battles regarding the drug in the future.

A jury in a Philadelphia courtroom found that a young man suffered from Gynecomastia—a hormonal condition in which male patients develop breast tissue—as a result of taking Risperdal. The jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $1.75 million in damages to the victim.

Evidence in this case and others like it have shown Johnson & Johnson failed to warn the public of the risks of developing the disease as a result of taking Risperdal. In fact, corrective action wasn’t taken in the matter until five years after the company was first made aware of the issue. The company has also come under scrutiny for off-label marketing of the drug to young patients.

While decisions and settlements have been reached in a number of lawsuits stemming from Risperdal side effects, an article from FiercePharma explains officials say Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries could still face as many as 1,500 claims stemming from harm patients suffered as a result of taking the drug.

The legal staff at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize how devastating Risperdal side effects can be to the lives of the victims, and we’re hopeful the decisions that have been reached in these drug injury lawsuits have brought peace and closure to those who were harmed.

Records Show Company Hid Data Pointing to Risperdal® Side Effects

by Staff | September 2nd, 2015

For years, studies have shown the use of the antipsychotic drug, Risperdal®, caused young teen boys to develop gynecomastia—a condition in which males grow excessive amounts of breast tissue. Now, allegations have arisen that the company that manufactured the drug, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., manipulated and hid data from the public indicating the increased risk of some Risperdal side effects.

Records show that both Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and their parent company, Johnson & Jonson, were aware of the risks the drug posed as early as 2003. Allegations released in an article from MedPage Today state the companies failed to publish or provide parts of a study to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration during the medication’s approval process that indicated male patients who take the drug may face an increased risk of gynecomastia. The study was just one of 44 examining the effects of Risperdal that were overseen by the companies.

These findings have prompted the results to be reinvestigated by an independent research team; however, officials say the conclusions drawn will have little effect on how Risperdal is distributed and prescribed in the United States.

This lack of action is why our drug injury lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin say it’s so important to be fully aware of the risks and all your legal rights before beginning a regimen of Risperdal medication. Knowing the effects the drug can have, as well as your freedoms as a patient, could help protect your health, safety, and security.

Millions Awarded in Risperdal Drug Injury Lawsuits

by Staff | March 12th, 2015

It seems as though the male patients who developed a condition known as gynecomastia as a result of taking the drug Risperdal® are finally receiving the compensation they deserve. A decision has been reached in favor of the plaintiffs in two separate Risperdal® drug injury lawsuits.

In late February, a Philadelphia jury found Johnson & Johnson—the maker of the defective drug—had failed to properly warn patients of the dangers the drug posed despite having information regarding the risks. The jury awarded the victim and his family a total of $2.5 million in damages.

This wasn’t the only recent court decision that was in favor of Risperdal® victims though. According to Reuters, the South Carolina Supreme Court ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $136 million for their improper marketing of the medication. The courts initially ordered the drug manufacturer to pay $327 million, but the penalties were reduced due to statutes of limitations affecting the claims.

The cases show that there is still time for victims who suffered devastating Risperdal® side effects to be compensated for their injuries and losses; however, the drug injury lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin would like to remind you that time is of the essence when filling such a claim. So, it may be wise to discuss your condition with a qualified legal representative sooner, rather than later. Call us today at (800) 477-7315 to get a free consultation of your claim.

Allegations of Wrongdoing Made in Risperdal Drug Injury Lawsuit

by Staff | February 6th, 2015

Risperdal is a powerful antipsychotic drug that’s used to treat serious mental conditions like schizophrenia; however, allegations have arisen during a Risperdal drug injury lawsuit that the manufacturer of the drug, Johnson & Johnson (J&J), failed to disclose certain risks that were posed by taking the medication.

Attorneys for the victims argue J&J illegally marketed Risperdal to children and the elderly. This was allegedly achieved through a tactic known as “off label” marketing, a tactic of using a medication to care for a condition the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the drug to treat.

The use of Risperdal resulted in a large number of young male patients developing gynecomastia. The condition causes male patients to develop abnormally large breast tissue and surgery is often necessary for correction.

An article from Bloomberg Business explains the victims went on to claim through the lawsuit that J& J withheld information about the risks of developing gynecomastia as a result of taking Risperdal. They claim they would have never been given or taken the drug if the risks had been known.

Even a former FDA official has come forward to support the claims that J&J’s actions resulted in a large number of patients suffering a Risperdal drug injury.

At Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin, we understand the serious harm a medication’s side effects can have on patients. That’s why our Indiana drug injury lawyers are hopeful a decision in this particular case will bring a sense of closure to the young man who was harmed.