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Getting the Care You Need After a Spinal Cord Injury

by Staff | September 22nd, 2015

Estimates from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center show that as many as 34 people will suffer a serious spinal cord injury each day. It’s no secret that the sooner this type of injury is diagnosed and treated, the higher the likelihood the patient will fully recover; however, data indicates many older patients are waiting longer to receive the care they need for a spinal cord injury and it could be the result of negligent care.

A study published earlier this month in the Canadian Medical Association Journal examined the cases of 1,440 patients who had suffered a spinal cord injury. According to an article from The Hamilton Spectator, researchers concluded a significantly greater number of senior patients die in hospitals after sustaining spinal cord injury, even though they have less severe injuries than younger patients.

Experts who led the team believe there could be several factors that could be leading to this particular issue. It could be the patient’s unwillingness to undergo the necessary treatment. It could be the doctor’s negligence in prioritizing patient care to treat younger injury victims or simply chalking up an elderly patient’s symptoms to being due to “old age.”

Regardless of your age or injury, you have a right to quality medical care and our Terre Haute personal injury attorneys with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin are here to help. Learn more about how we can help by visiting our website.

Getting the Help You Need After a Spinal Cord Injury

by Staff | January 16th, 2015

We are able to control our body’s functions by sending electrical impulses between the brain and other parts of our body through a series of nerves and tissues that run through our spinal cord. When a spinal cord injury occurs though, these connections can be severed, which can cause the victim to lose mobility and some senses.

Luckily, there are several new treatments being developed for those who suffer a spinal cord injury. For instance, Yahoo News reports researchers have developed an exoskeleton suit a spinal cord injury victim can wear that can assist them with tasks they were once unable to do, such as walking or picking objects up.

These new treatments and medical devices can be quite costly though, and income may be limited after an accident occurs. That’s why the Terre Haute personal injury lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin say it’s so important to be aware of what options are available for compensation or as resource for income.

One option that may be available is Social Security Disability benefits, but you must be considered completely disabled, unable to work other jobs, and have worked long enough to receive benefits.

If your spinal cord injury was the result of another person’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation from the party responsible for your injury through civil litigation.
Regardless of what options you choose to pursue, it’s important to know that you should have legal representation by your side and that we here at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin are here to help. Call us at (800) 477-7315 for a free consultation of your case.

New Study Shows Promise In Improved Treatments For Spinal Cord Injury Victims

by Staff | January 8th, 2014

Spinal cord injuries occur when trauma severs the bundle of nerves running along the bones in an individual’s back. Such an accident can result in serious damage, including loss of function and sensation in the limbs and body. The Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin point out a new study shows use of Schwann cells can help regenerate damaged nerve axons, thus improving mobility and bodily function in spinal cord injury victims.

An article from Science Codex explains researchers examined the cases of a group of rats that were modeled with a specific type of spinal cord injury. They were then injected with the elongated cells, which then quickly began to reconnect axons, over scarred areas where nerve connections had previously been broken through several chemical processes.

The regeneration of axon connections resulted in improved mobility and bodily functions in the subjects of the study, prompting researchers to believe the findings may one day be used to help human patients who have suffered serious injuries.

The law firm’s team of Indiana Personal Injury Lawyers applauds the efforts being made to find new ways to treat the victims of spinal cord injuries. The firm is hopeful the discoveries being made will one day be used to improve the lives of those who suffer such a debilitating injury.

Young Man From Indiana Recovering After Spinal Cord Injury

by Staff | February 6th, 2013

February 6, 2013

A young man from Fort Wayne, Indiana, may never walk again as the result of a spinal cord injury he suffered while skiing in December. WISHTV News discussed what the victim’s road to recovery has been like and what the future may hold for him.

The victim’s mother explains that on Christmas Eve, the young man rode the ski lift up the mountain alone and never returned. Search parties were deployed and discovered the young man a short time later. Paramedics rushed the young man to a local trauma center, where doctors determined the accident had caused a Spinal Cord Injury that would leave him paralyzed from the breastbone down.

He has spent the last two months in recovery and says he is ready to return home, but he could face some challenges in doing so. His home needs to be retrofitted to accommodate his life in a wheelchair. Modifications include moving laundry facilities and other rooms to the ground floor of the home. The residence will also need ramps to make it wheel chair accessible. With mounting medical bills, money to make these changes could be tight.

The Indiana Disability Lawyers with Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin recognize how serious spinal cord injuries can be and encourage anyone who has been afflicted with such an injury to discuss their potential rights to compensation with a qualified attorney as soon as possible.

Woman killed in Indianapolis auto accident

by fst | June 8th, 2009

June 4, 2009

The Indianapolis Star reports that a woman was killed and a man injured following an Indianapolis auto accident.

According to police, the chain of events that led to the accident began with an armed robbery at a convenience store. The robber got into the victim’s vehicle, a Pacifica, and sped away.

A few minutes later, the Pacifica turned the wrong way down a one way street, and crashed head on into an oncoming vehicle, causing the Indianapolis car accident.

The robber fled on foot from the scene of the Indiana auto accident. He was later arrested.

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Man killed in Chicago auto accident

by fst | March 2nd, 2009

February 26, 2009

One man was killed in a Chicago auto accident, according Chicago Breaking News.

The Chicago car accident happened on Lake Shore Drive near 45th Street. According to a witness the Illinois auto accident victim was headed north when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a light pole. The driver was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the Chicago auto accident.

He had to be extricated from the vehicle by emergency personnel, and was transported to the hospital where he later died.

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Lawsuit filed in Chicago nursing home abuse case

by fst | February 24th, 2009

February 24, 2009

The Chicago Tribune reports that the family of a nursing home resident who died last week filed an Illinois nursing home abuse lawsuit against the facility where she lived.

The victim froze to death when she wandered outside into the courtyard of the nursing home. She was found in the courtyard after being outside for about 90 minutes in freezing cold temperatures. The Chicago nursing home abuse victim was wearing an ankle bracelet that should have triggered an alarm when she went outside.

Although prosecutors are investigating this Chicago nursing home abuse case, the family of the deceased is planning to conduct its own investigation.

The Chicago nursing home abuse lawyers at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin can help if your loved one has been the victim of Illinois nursing home neglect.

Woman killed in Fort Wayne auto accident

by fst | February 10th, 2009

February 5, 2009

The Times-Union reports that a woman died from injuries she received in a Fort Wayne auto accident.

The woman was traveling south on Indiana 15 when she lost control of her vehicle and slid into the path of a pickup truck, causing the Indiana auto accident. The truck had a snowplow attached to the front.

The woman became trapped inside her vehicle and had to be removed by emergency personnel workers. She suffered blunt force trauma from the Fort Wayne car accident.

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Man charged with DUI after Chicago car accident

by fst | February 9th, 2009

February 3, 2009

The Chicago Sun Times reports that a man has been charged with driving under the influence after hitting three teens with his vehicle and then crashing into another vehicle.

Police report that the driver of a 1990 Ford Thunderbird was headed west on Galena Blvd. at a high rate of speed, when he ran a stop sign causing the Illinois auto accident. The vehicle then drove off the road and hit three teens who were standing on the street corner.

The vehicle then hit a pickup truck parked in a driveway. The driver then attempted to flee on foot from the scene of the Chicago auto accident.

The three teens were taken to a local hospital following the Chicago car accident. They are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The driver was charged with an aggravated DUI along with several other charges in this Chicago auto accident.

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Four injured in Terre Haute auto accident

by fst | January 27th, 2009

January 27, 2009

The Terre Haute Tribune Star reports that four people were injured in a Terre Haute auto accident.

According to the Sheriff’s department, one vehicle was traveling east on Gilchrist road, and another vehicle was traveling north on US 41 when the Terre Haute car accident occurred. The vehicle traveling east appeared in the path of the other vehicle, before the driver had time to react.

The driver of the northbound car struck the other vehicle before leaving the intersection, crossing the median, and heading down a steep embankment.

Four people suffered minor injuries in the Indiana auto accident.

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