Sugarland Stage Collapse

Sugarland Named As Defendant Following Indiana Stage Collapse

by fst | September 14th, 2011

September 14, 2011

For the first time since the tragic stage collapse at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, the band that was set to play that night, Sugarland, has been named as a defendant on notices to several entities being accused of responsibility for the accident.  According to Channel 13 News, the August 13 stage collapse caused by gusts of high wind, killed seven people and injured 40 others.

Two families who suffered losses at the concert filed notices earlier this week against at least 15 companies, organizations, and individuals, including Sugarland, claiming their actions were the cause for the accident and deaths. The band’s name has been brought into the lawsuits because state contracts with the band stated the Fair Commission and Sugarland would “mutually determine” if a performance was impossible.

Several private firms are conducting investigations into the causes of the stage collapse, ranging from improper permitting to the structural integrity of the stage itself.

Many fans of Sugarland are questioning the validity of naming the band as a liable party for the accident. If they were contractually obligated to be part of the final decision to go onstage, are they responsible for the accident itself?

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Sugarland Stage Collapse No Fluke

by fst | August 17th, 2011

August 16, 2011

Dark clouds loomed over a brightly lit outdoor stage last Saturday night moments before the country band, Sugarland, were set to perform. Tragically, just before the concert began, a large gust of wind preceding a wave of bad weather caused the stage to collapse, killing five people and injuring dozens more. Now experts say the tragedy was no “fluke,” as Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels referred to it.

In an article released by MSNBC in conjunction with, experts say the tragedy could have been avoided if concert officials had heeded early warnings of the severe weather. Inclement weather was reported in forecasts as early as Thursday, and high winds and large hail were discussed in detail in early Saturday forecasts. Just before 6:00 PM, a severe thunderstorm watch was issued for all of central Indiana, calling for lightning, hail, and wind gusts of up to 70 MPH. At 8:39 PM, 10 minutes before the stage’s collapse, a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for the fairground area–promoters were given ample time to move the crowd from the area to a safe, sheltered location.

No other fairgrounds structures or rides were damaged by the storm, which also raises questions of the structural integrity of the stage itself.

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