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‘Adult Baby’ Will Continue to Get Social Security Checks

by Staff | October 21st, 2011

The California man who playacts as an “adult baby” has been cleared of wrongdoing by the Social Security Administration and will continue to receive Supplemental Social Security Income checks, according to The Washington Times.

We first wrote about the 30-year-old man who lives his life as an “adult baby” (drinking from bottles, wearing diapers, and being spoon-fed by a woman who playacted as his mother) in May.

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who saw a reality television program featuring the man, was the first to blow the whistle on this man, demanding that the Social Security Administration investigate whether or not he was actually a viable candidate for Social Security benefits.

The man, who maintains an adult baby lifestyle website, posted a letter from the SSA that reads, “We recently reviewed the evidence in your Social Security disability claim and find that your disability is continuing.”

Now the man wants an apology from Coburn, saying that the ruckus he caused impaired the final months of his playmother’s life. The woman died on July 7, and the man moved out of the apartment the two had shared — combining their two Social Security checks to pay for the rent.

Do you think the Social Security Administration made a good call in this case?

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Senator Tom Coburn: Social Security Disability Is Being Used to Extend Unemployment Benefits

by Staff | May 30th, 2011

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has waged a very public crack-down on the Social Security Administration’s disability program, saying in a new interview with The Oklahoman that he thinks that people may use the program as  “an extension of unemployment benefits.”

Earlier this month Coburn wrote a letter to the inspector general of the Social Security Administration regarding his concerns about why “an adult baby”—a man who lives his life role-playing that he’s a baby—is receiving Social Security Disability benefits. The man had been featured on National Geographic’s Taboo.

Coburn, along with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch, has now penned another letter to the inspector general of the agency with additional concerns that too many judges are rubber-stamping disability appeals. This follows a Wall Street Journal expose about one West Virginia judge who reportedly approved 100 percent of appeals so far this year.

“Given the looming collapse of [the Social Security Disability Income program], it is imperative that disability claims are properly examined to ensure that only those who are lawfully entitled to benefits receive them,” wrote Coburn and Hatch.“Individuals cannot be allowed to exploit SSDI, transforming it into a supplemental source of unemployment income with enormous and crippling costs to taxpayers.”

Coburn says he wants to meet with the agency to discuss the increasing number of people collecting disability payments.

“Growth in this program has been horrendous,” Coburn told The Oklahoman.

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