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Manufacturers have an obligation to the public every time they put a product in the hands of the consumer. Not only must these items be reasonably safe for use, but the companies must also warn the public of any potential side effects or risks associated with the item.

If you were injured by a dangerous or defective product, a lack of warnings or instructions could be to blame. A dedicated product liability attorney could provide you with a clear picture of your legal options. Before you act on your own, it could benefit you to speak with a Terre Haute failure to warn lawyer at our firm.

What Is Failure to Warn?

One of the most common examples of a product defect is the failure of a manufacturer to warn of inherent risks of injury. While certain items have an unavoidable degree of risk associated with them, companies have a duty to highlight those risks to consumers.

At the core of these cases is whether or not manufacturers provided reasonably complete instructions on how to use the product safely. The company could be liable if they fail to provide these instructions in situations where reasonable diligence would have allowed them to do so.

It is worth noting that not every injury resulting from a misreading of instructions will lead to a viable case for compensation. There is no expectation that every consumer will be able to successfully decipher written guidance from the manufacturer. However, a civil suit could be appropriate in cases where the company provided clearly inadequate or inaccurate instructions, or omitted them entirely.

Whether or not the written documentation that comes with a product is sufficient is a subjective legal question. A well-practiced attorney serving Terre Haute could evaluate the available information to determine if a failure to warn claim is viable.

Understanding Available Damages

Product defects can result in serious, life-altering injuries. This type of harm can have enormous physical, emotional, and financial hardships that can be challenging to manage alone. If a plaintiff’s lawsuit against the maker of the defective product is successful, they could recover an array of monetary compensation. Some examples include:

Medical Costs

Expensive medical care is commonplace when it comes to these injuries. While dealing with this costly care can be overwhelming, the proceeds of a civil settlement could recoup this expense.

Lost Wages

Missing work can be frustrating for someone injured by the lack of warnings on a dangerous product. The unexpected loss of income can greatly complicate an already difficult financial position. This is especially true for anyone facing mountains of medical debt after an injury. A product liability lawsuit could recoup these lost wages.

Pain and Suffering

Much like with disfigurement, a person’s pain is subjective. While this can make it difficult to place a monetary value on a plaintiff’s suffering, it is important to understand these damages often make up a major aspect of a personal injury claim.

A skilled failure to warn lawyer in Terre Haute could use the testimony of the injured party to show a jury how the pain has impacted their quality of life. They can also highlight the cost of medical care, which is one way for juries to determine what a pain and suffering case might be worth.

Call a Terre Haute Failure to Warn Attorney Today

Financial compensation might be available if you sustained injuries due to a manufacturer’s refusal to provide clear and complete instructions. You could have a viable legal claim, but holding these large companies accountable will be challenging on your own. Reach out to a Terre Haute failure to warn lawyer at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin to discuss your legal options.


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