The Heritage Foundation comments on Social Security and Medicare

On Wednesday, The Heritage Foundation released an “Index of Dependence on Government” report, according to Media Matters for America.

The Heritage’s report comments on important government programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

Among other things, the report suggests that times were better when, rather than relying on a government-provided social safety net, Americans of limited means had to hope for “support provided by families, churches, and other civil society groups”:

“Both [local community and government] cases of aid involve a dependent relationship. However, support provided by [community] groups aims to restore a person to full flourishing and personal responsibility. This kind of reciprocal expectation does not characterize the dependent relationship with the political system.”

The report’s nostalgia for the good old days is just as strong when it comes to Medicare.

But how good were the good old days?

Poverty was far more prevalent among the elderly back in those days. Elder poverty has fallen from 35 percent in 1960 to 10 percent in 1995. In other words, back in the good old days, more than a third of the elderly were poor. Now it’s down to less than one in 10.

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