Two Killed In Crash Involving Minivan and Semi Truck

June 8, 2011

A Coles County roadway was the scene of a grisly accident, between a semi truck and a minivan, which took the lives of two teens from Mattoon, Indiana. Terre Haute News Channel 10 reports that the accident happened on Indiana Route 316, just west of Coles County Road 1100E.

According to officials a minivan driven by a 26-year-old woman and carrying seven passengers was traveling eastbound on the roadway. The driver attempted to pass another vehicle and lost control of the vehicle. The van ended up in the westbound lanes where a passing semi truck was unable to avoid smashing into the vehicle, and hit the rear passenger side. The Van then rolled and came to a halt after sliding into a ditch.

Two teen passengers in the van were declared dead on the scene. All other passengers in the van, including four children under 8-years-old, were transported to a local hospital to be treated for injuries. There is no report on the condition of the truck driver, as the crash is still under investigation.

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