When Will Social Security Disability Benefits End?

The Social Security Disability program in the United States offers financial assistance to millions of Americans who are unable to work. One of the most common questions to arise about these benefits is, “When will my benefits end?”

Once a citizen is approved to receive Social Security Disability benefits, they will receive payments until their condition improves and they are able to return to their normal job duties. There are several exceptions to this rule, however, that must be kept in mind.

If an individual is receiving Social Security Disability but then reaches the normal retirement age of 66-years-old before being able to return to work, they will continue to receive payments. The only difference is that the payments that were once for disability will be rolled into normal Social Security payments that are received upon retirement.

It is commonly believed by Social Security recipients that when this rollover occurs, their payments may be lowered. A video from Daily Finance explains this is typically not the case, as disability benefit payment amounts should carry into a person’s retirement plan as well.

Another exception to the rule is if the Social Security Administration determines an individual has provided false information regarding their condition, income, or housing situation. In this case, payments may cease immediately.

Even if one returns to work, disability payments will not stop as part of the Ticket to Work program.

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