After You’re Approved for Social Security Disability, What Factors Could Affect Your Claim and Payments?

While many disabled Americans who receive Social Security Disability benefits believe their financial problems are solved when their claim is approved, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there are many factors that can affect your claim after you’re approved for Social Security Disability benefits.

Currently, one of the most talked about risks to Social Security Disability benefits are budget shortfalls that could affect payments to millions of disabled beneficiaries. Experts say that unless solutions to the budget issues are discovered, Social Security Disability beneficiaries could see cuts to their benefits as early as next year. The Fiscal Times says President Obama proposed shifting an estimated $330 billion from the Social Security retirement program to the disability fund, but the proposal was met with opposition. Legislators are still working towards a solution.

Another issue that could affect your benefits after you’ve been approved for Social Security Disability benefits is failing to disclose vital information about your income and assets to the Social Security Administration. A few other factors that could cause you to be stripped of your benefits are:

  • Leaving the country
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Receiving other types of benefits
  • Working while getting benefits

Being aware of these risks isn’t always enough. That’s why the legal staff at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin believe it’s vital to have a Social Security Disability lawyer by your side throughout the claims process—even after you’ve been approved for Social Security Disability benefits. Call us today at (800) 477-7315 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your legal rights to Social Security Disability benefits.

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