Can You Get SSDI Benefits If You Already Get Veterans Disability Benefits?

by Staff | November 23rd, 2020 | Veterans disability

Both private citizens and members of the U.S. military have safety nets if they suffer injuries or illnesses that prevent them from working. Private citizens pay into the Social Security Administration (SSA) with every paycheck. Most workers recoup that money when they retire and begin receiving retirement benefits, which last for the rest of their…

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Thanksgiving Road Trip Safety Tips

by Staff | November 16th, 2020 | Auto accident

The global coronavirus crisis has upended life as we know it, and what began as a two-week shutdown in March is now affecting holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Experts predict that the number of Americans who travel to visit family and friends this Thanksgiving will be far less than normal, but for those who…

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Avoid These Dangers in Parking Lots

by Staff | November 9th, 2020 | Auto accident

The holiday shopping season is here. And while more people than ever will buy their gifts online this year due to stores opting out of big Black Friday events at their brick-and-mortar locations due to the threat of COVID-19, plenty of people will still pack Indiana’s malls and big-box retailers.  That means long lines, sold-out…

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Vehicle Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

by Staff | November 2nd, 2020 | Auto accident

Safe driving means being focused, attentive, sober, defensive, and always following traffic laws. But it also means driving a vehicle that won’t put you, your passengers, and other motorists in danger. Not all vehicles on Indiana’s roads are created equal—some are highly reliable and in great condition, while others are breakdowns waiting to happen. It’s…

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How to Celebrate Halloween Safely During COVID-19

by Staff | October 26th, 2020 | Personal injury

It’s hard to believe that Halloween is almost here—and even harder to believe that COVID-19 is still a very real threat to families across Indiana. The state has slowly allowed many businesses and functions to reopen via its tiered phase system since the virus first began spreading in March, but social distancing and wearing a…

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How to Understand Your Auto Insurance Policy

by Staff | October 19th, 2020 | Auto accident

To legally drive a car in Indiana, you must purchase and maintain auto insurance. This insurance is designed to cover any injuries or property damage you might cause others to incur while you’re driving. The amount of insurance coverage you need to purchase to legally drive is: $25,000 per injured person $50,000 maximum injury coverage…

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Are You Guilty of These Dangerous Driving Habits?

by Staff | October 12th, 2020 | Auto accident

Around 75% of Americans self-rate their driving skills as “above average.” But 90% of auto accidents involve human error. With that statistic in mind, it’s clear that many drivers overrate their abilities behind the wheel, and that means they could be unknowingly putting themselves and others at risk. There are many laws governing how drivers…

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Is It Dangerous to Drive a Car with a Rebuilt or Salvage Title?

by Staff | October 5th, 2020 | Auto accident

Buying a new vehicle, whether it’s fresh off the assembly line or just new to you, has never been more expensive. The average new car price is anywhere from $33,000 to $38,000, and used vehicles are commanding higher and higher prices, including those that are more than a decade old with hundreds of thousands of…

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Bicycle Safety Tips for Both Cyclists and Drivers

by Staff | September 28th, 2020 | Auto accident

Indiana’s many traffic laws are designed to protect everyone who uses its roadways. That includes people in passenger vehicles as well as commercial truck drivers, bus drivers and passengers, motorcyclists, pedestrians in crosswalks, and even bicyclists. Many people choose to ride bicycles as their primary or secondary form of transportation—it’s great exercise, it’s extremely low-cost,…

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How to Stay Safe When You Get a Flat Tire on the Highway

by Staff | September 21st, 2020 | Auto accident

Whether it’s caused by a blowout or a slow deflation, experiencing a flat tire isn’t just an inconvenience—it can put your life at risk. Many people don’t think twice about getting out of their vehicles, pulling their jacks out of their trunks, and getting right to work on swapping their flat tires with their spare…

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