Hair Straightener and Relaxer Lawsuits

Over the years, the users of hair straightening and relaxing products have experienced an increase in the rate of certain types of cancers. Research identified a link between the regular use of these products and breast or uterine cancer, among other ailments.

When you are suffering from serious health issues after extensive use of hair straighteners or relaxers, you might be entitled to compensation. With the help of a compassionate mass torts attorney, you could secure the financial award you deserve by filing a hair straightener or relaxer lawsuit.

The Link Between Hair Relaxers and Cancer

Hair relaxers and straighteners are products designed to break down the protein bonds in hair in order to provide a temporary straightening effect. Unfortunately, research found that regular contact with these chemicals can act as endocrine disruptors.  An endocrine disruptor has harmful consequences for the entire endocrine system. This system is crucial for producing and secreting hormones throughout the human body. Chemicals that interfere with this system result in an increased risk for conditions like endometrial or uterine cancer.

Studies show that a person who regularly uses these products is 2.5 times more likely to develop cancer than the rest of the population. Regular use includes anyone who applies hair straighteners or relaxers four times or more per year. When you are experiencing health issues after regular use of hair straighteners and relaxers, consider filing a lawsuit for compensation.

The Process of Filing a Lawsuit

Pursuing legal action against the manufacturer of hair straightener and relaxer products is possible. However, it can be helpful to rely on the guidance of experienced legal counsel to ensure mistakes are avoided along the way. The following steps are all important parts of these lawsuits.

Contact an Attorney

An attorney can provide insight into the complex legal issues common with these cases. In addition to handling every aspect of the lawsuit, they could set expectations for a person unsure of what to expect from this process.

Collecting Evidence

Before a person and their legal team can file or settle a lawsuit, they need to build a strong case for compensation. Often, this starts with a thorough review of the plaintiff’s medical records to establish they have a condition linked to hair relaxer use. This step will also involve identifying the brands used by the plaintiff during their life.

Filing the Lawsuit

Filing the lawsuit requires extensive paperwork. A person must file these documents with the court and serve them to the defendant before the case can move forward.

Settling the Claim

Before a case goes to trial, the lawyers pursuing justice on the plaintiff’s behalf will typically try and resolve the case through mutual settlement. This is not an unusual outcome, especially with an attorney negotiating on behalf of the plaintiff.

Going to Trial

When a lawyer cannot reach a fair settlement, a jury will ultimately decide whether compensation is necessary or not. At trial, both sides will have the chance to make their case and put on evidence. While many cases ultimately settle before a trial is necessary, it is helpful to prepare for the possibility.

Talk to a Lawyer About Hair Relaxer and Straightener Lawsuits

When you or a close family member has been diagnosed with cancer after regular hair straightener use, it could be time to consider legal action. Filing a lawsuit against a major manufacturer might seem daunting, but the right legal counsel could guide you every step of the way. Call today to discuss hair straightener and relaxer lawsuits.


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