Ozempic Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers are subject to strict oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they introduce a new product into the marketplace. Even then, many approved drugs end up harming consumers; and when that happens, you can seek compensation. One of those drugs is Ozempic, originally prescribed for managing Type 2 diabetes before users discovered it also helped them lose weight.

Ozempic is an injectable medicine that falls into the class of GLP-1 receptor agonists, mimicking how particular hormones affect your digestive functions. It controls blood sugar levels and reduces glucose production and cardiovascular events for diabetics. Its weight loss side effect has been so popular that it is now being prescribed for that, too. The problem is, there are additional side effects that are more alarming. If you take Ozempic and are experiencing debilitating side effects, our mass tort attorneys can explain why you should consider filing an Ozempic lawsuit.

How Ozempic Works on the Stomach

Ozempic works in the digestive system to slow down how fast the user’s stomach empties, which helps them feel full and less inclined to overeat. It also increases insulin secretion, which helps regulate blood sugar, an important component in controlling diabetes. The active ingredient is semaglutide, which is also used in similar medications such as in Rybelsus and Wegovy for weight loss. Some recorded side effects from delaying food emptying from the stomach include nausea, vomiting, and stomach aches. While these are not necessarily grounds for a lawsuit, other recorded effects are. These include:

  • Stomach paralysis, or gastroparesis, which prevents the stomach from emptying, leading to life-threatening complications
  • Nausea or vomiting that lasts at least up to four weeks
  • Acute gallbladder disease
  • Compromised bile ducts
  • Gallstones
  • Gallbladder inflammation

Ozempic users who have reported the most debilitating side effects generally take high doses of the medication and have been on it for a prolonged period to treat weight issues instead of Type 2 diabetes. A person should talk to our personal injury attorneys if they believe Ozempic caused harm because they could be eligible for compensation.

Product Liability of Ozempic

Early lawsuits suggest that the manufacturer of Ozempic failed to include warning labels on its product or failed to explain serious side effects to consumers. Violations of this kind amount to negligence, forming the basis of an Ozempic product liability lawsuit.

Consumers are entitled to safe products and can hold manufacturers liable for injuries caused by faulty manufacturing, design, or failure to warn about known dangers or side effects. The manufacturer of Ozempic is being accused of failing to warn consumers about the life-altering effects concerning the stomach and gallbladder.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that safety labels disclose the product’s risks, known hazards, and how consumers can avoid these hazards. By not warning consumers, companies open themselves to lawsuits.

Damages Awards in Ozempic Lawsuits

Plaintiffs who prevail in proving a manufacturer failed to warn consumers about a product’s known side effects or other dangers can recover damages to compensate them for long-term medical and rehabilitative care, lost wages, suffering endured because of the product, and emotional trauma. An injured party should speak with our attorney to discuss a lawsuit for failing to warn consumers about the dangers.

Call an Attorney to Litigate Your Ozempic Lawsuit Against the Manufacturer

Whether you are taking Ozempic for Type 2 diabetes or weight loss, debilitating side effects should not be part of the experience. Do not discontinue the medication until you check with your doctor, but then check with our attorneys to learn if you have grounds for a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Side effects can include stomach paralysis and extreme gallbladder issues, which are both life-threatening conditions that can have long-term consequences for your health. You should be compensated for the failure to explain the risk. Our attorneys are standing by to discuss a viable strategy to get you compensated after filing an Ozempic lawsuit.


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