Insulin Pump Lawsuits

Millions of consumers are injured by defective products every year. Medical devices like insulin pumps can have life-saving benefits, but when the product has a manufacturing, design, or marketing defect, consumers can be at risk of severe injury or even death.

When a defective insulin pump injures you, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit for damages. Many consumers have been filing insulin pump lawsuits through a process known as mass tort litigation. These cases involve a significant number of consumers who suffer harm from the same product or service. Our experienced attorneys could help you understand whether your case qualifies for this type of legal action.

Overview of Insulin Pump Injuries and Lawsuits

Consumers have reported multiple types of dangerous and life-threatening injuries associated with defective insulin pumps. Many insulin pump lawsuits involve situations where the retainer ring for the device’s insulin cartridge was faulty, broken, or otherwise damaged. In these situations, the retainer ring was not securely locked onto the insulin cartridge or broke away altogether, causing consumers to receive too much or too little insulin.

Some of the most frequently reported injuries in these lawsuits include confusion, loss of consciousness, diabetic coma, brain injuries, seizures, strokes, cardiac events, and even death. Consumers affected by these dangerous and defective insulin pumps have reported cases of hypoglycemia, which involves blood sugar levels that fall too low, or hyperglycemia, which is when blood sugar levels spike to dangerous levels. Either situation can lead to serious or even fatal complications for people with diabetes.

Even when the insulin pump manufacturer issues a recall, the company is not off the hook for liability—especially if consumers have been injured by the products distributed to the open market before that recall happened. Sometimes, a recall can also be used to prove the product was faulty or dangerous. When an insulin pump is dangerous or defective, either because it has an inherent defect in its design, was not manufactured correctly, or was not marketed with adequate warnings, any party involved in the chain of distribution could be legally liable.

Potential Compensation in Insulin Pump Lawsuits

A talented attorney could help someone file an insulin pump lawsuit. They could also assist families who have lost a loved one due to a defective or dangerous insulin pump in taking legal action against the responsible parties.

Compensation could be available for the losses resulting from the defective insulin pump, such as lost wages, medical costs, lost enjoyment of life, pain, and suffering.

Contact an Attorney About Filing an Insulin Pump Lawsuit

Insulin pump lawsuits are grouped through multi-district litigation, meaning a single court or judge reviews the claims to avoid clogging the legal system. While these mass tort lawsuits are grouped, each claim is reviewed on its merits and according to the claimant’s specific injuries.

It is vital to work with an attorney who can help you calculate the value of the full extent of the harm you have suffered and pursue the maximum damages available on your behalf. Contact our firm today and ask to speak with one of our attorneys about filing an insulin pump lawsuit.


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