The Social Security Administration (SSA) has nearly 60,000 employees handling millions of Social Security Disability (SSD) claims and appeals every year. With every SSA employee handling so many claims at once, understanding the roles of employees who process SSD appeals and the information they need to issue decisions may help increase your chances of getting benefits.

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SSD Medical Consultants

During the medical evaluation portion of the SSD claims or appeals process, medical consultants (MCs) and psychological consultants (PCs) work together to evaluate the medical and psychological evidence in a case. If there is no medical evidence, a claims examiner will deny your claim.

According to the SSA, MCs and PCs are responsible for considering the total effect of a single impairment and the combined effect of all impairments, including those not considered severe. Without MC or PC approval, your SSD claim or appeal cannot be approved.

SSD Claims Examiners

Claims examiners—or Disability Determination Services disability examiners—process claims for SSD benefits. Their roles throughout the claims process include:

  • Identifying sources of evidence from claim folder information by speaking with claimants, applicants, claimant representatives, and other appropriate parties
  • Sending and following up on letter requests, telephone requests, and other forms of communication to get needed medical or vocational evidence
  • Consulting with medical/psychological consultants (MCs/PCs) and other staff members to resolve problems in getting evidence from treating sources, hospitals, and consultative examiners
  • Initiating requests for consultative examinations when medical evidence of record is not sufficient and following up on these requests to obtain reports as soon as possible
  • Consulting with MCs/PCs to resolve medical issues and evidence interpretations
  • Assisting in completing residual functional capacity (RFC) assessment forms
  • Assessing the significance of RFC, age, education, and work experience on the ability to do substantial gainful activity
  • Preparing determinations—including regulation coding and decision rationales—and signing them
  • Preparing vocational rehabilitation referrals
  • Preparing disability determination notices

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