Terre Haute Burn Injury Lawyer

Burn injuries are typically very painful and can leave lasting scars. Especially significant burns may cover large areas of the body and require invasive, excruciating, and very expensive medical treatment. All of the suffering you or your loved one have had to endure may be compensable when it was caused by someone else’s negligence. Pursuing a catastrophic injury claim could allow you and your family to recover monetary damages.

To begin the healing process and seek compensation from the responsible party or parties, consult a dedicated Terre Haute burn injury lawyer today. These complicated cases require an experienced attorney who can pursue the claim effectively on your family’s behalf.

Different Types of Burn Injuries

There are several types of burns that can be compensated in a successful civil lawsuit. Each of these burns can affect the body in unique ways, but all have the potential to be incredibly damaging to the skin and other vital parts of the body.

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn occurs when the skin comes into contact with a high-heat source or surface, such as fire, steam, hot liquids, or other substances at a high temperature. If someone negligently exposes you or a loved one to these types of heat sources, you may be able to seek compensation from them with the help of a Terre Haute burn injury attorney.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burn can be particularly disfiguring and difficult to control. These burns occur when a hazardous chemical touches the body. The danger is that the chemical can eat through the skin, muscles, and bones underneath, causing severe damage. Chemicals such as bleach, cleaning products, or different acids and bases can cause irreparable harm even with minimal exposure.

Classifying Burn Injuries by Degree

Burn injuries are categorized according to their varying degrees of severity. A lower degree means less harm occurred, while a higher degree indicates catastrophic damage. Burn degrees include:

  • First Degree Burns:

Most first-degree burns cause redness and superficial damage that is likely to heal on its own.

  • Second-Degree Burns:

A second-degree burn usually causes sores, blisters, and more and typically requires medical intervention, special creams, wrapping, and follow-up care.

  • Third- and Fourth-Degree Burns:

These burns are severe and may be permanent in nature. They require extensive and ongoing medical treatment and may never fully heal. Third- and fourth-degree burns can reach below the skin and lead to disfiguring injuries.

No matter the extent of the burn, when it is caused by someone else’s negligent actions, a civil lawsuit may be appropriate to pursue compensation for your or your loved one’s losses. If your loved one passed away as a result of their burn injuries, a Terre Haute lawyer could help your family recover compensation through a wrongful death claim.

Pursue Compensation with a Burn Injury Attorney in Terre Haute

If you or a loved one sustained a burn that required medical treatment, you may be entitled to financial compensation for everything your family has been through. You may be able to collect compensation not just your costs, but also for the suffering your family has endured—which has likely been substantial.

Let our experienced Terre Haute burn injury lawyers examine your case and determine the best path toward compensation. Contact our office today.


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