Highway Car Accidents in Terre Haute

Highway collisions are known to cause devastating injuries because the vehicles are often traveling at a high rate of speed. Additionally, highway conditions can be unpredictable with bad weather, traffic, and debris. A serious car wreck can completely alter your life and leave you with severe injuries and other damages.

If you or a loved one were injured in a highway car accident in Terre Haute, you might be considering legal action against the driver who caused the crash. A claim against the at-fault driver can reimburse your medical expenses, lost income, and other damages caused by their negligence. The skilled automobile collision attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin can help you understand your legal rights and remedies.

What Causes Highway Car Accidents?

Indiana highways are busy, and with the increase in traffic, the risk of an accident increases substantially. Unfortunately, when drivers act carelessly behind the wheel, they put other motorists in harm’s way.

Like any other car accident, driver negligence is often a factor in highway crashes. Some common causes of highway car collisions in Terre Haute include:

Highway car crashes can involve passenger vehicles, commercial semi-trucks, motorcycles, and buses. Accidents on the interstate tend to be more severe because speed, distractions, fatigue, and drugs or alcohol are often a factor. For instance, a rear-end collision that occurs at a high speed can be deadly. Likewise, a driver impaired by drugs or alcohol can cause a head-on collision if they are traveling the wrong way on a highway.

Understanding Available Recoverable Damages

Given the severity of these collisions, people injured in a highway car accident often incur significant damages due to their injuries and financial losses in Terre Haute. Injured motorists may be entitled to recover compensation depending on the facts and circumstances of their case. The court will look at various factors, including the cause of the accident and the specific injuries and losses a person sustained.

Recoverable damages after a highway car accident might include the cost of past and future medical expenses, lost income, or reduced earning capacity due to injuries, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering. An experienced attorney will work with you to estimate damages based on the factors of your claim.

Shared Fault in Car Accident Claims

In Terre Haute highway car accident claims, it is not uncommon for multiple vehicles to be involved or for the parties to share fault for causing the collision. In these instances, Indiana applies the modified comparative negligence approach. Under this rule, if the injured person is partially responsible for causing their injuries, their compensation is reduced based on their share of liability. For example, if the injured person sustained $100,000 in damages and is found to be 30% responsible, they can recover up to $70,000 in compensation.

The right to financial compensation is not indefinite in car accident cases. You must file a lawsuit in Indiana within two years of the alleged negligence. Failure to meet their deadline has significant consequences, including forfeiting any claim for financial damages.

A Terre Haute Highway Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Seek Compensation

If you were involved in a highway car accident in Terre Haute, it can change your life. If you sustained injuries due to another driver’s careless actions, you need a seasoned lawyer to represent you. Our tenacious attorneys understand a collision’s impact on your life and loved ones.

Let us pursue damages for your injuries and losses related to the accident. Contact our legal team at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin to schedule a consultation.


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