Rideshare Accidents in Terre Haute

While Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies provide a valuable service, obtaining compensation when you are injured in an accident can be complicated. The companies offer insurance to their drivers, but the amount available depends on several factors.

Trying to handle a rideshare accident claim without assistance is difficult. Whether you are a rideshare driver, passenger, occupant of another involved vehicle, or a pedestrian, enlist the help of one of our skilled attorneys with experience representing people injured in rideshare accidents in Terre Haute.

Complicated Insurance Coverage Issues Arise in Rideshare Accidents

Indiana law requires all drivers, including rideshare drivers, to maintain insurance coverage with minimum limits. In the case of a typical car accident in Indiana, the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays the damages of anyone who suffered an injury.

Rideshare companies provide additional coverage, but it is only available when the driver is logged into the app and working when the accident occurs. On the other hand, if the driver is on the way to pick up a fare or has a passenger when the accident occurs, Lyft and Uber provide additional liability coverage.

Anyone involved in an auto accident with a rideshare driver in Terre Haute should contact an attorney immediately. They could subpoena the driver’s records to confirm whether or not they were on duty when the accident happened, and, if so, whether they had a fare.

Claims for Passengers of Rideshare Vehicles

When an accident happens while a rideshare vehicle is carrying a passenger, the injured passenger might have to file a claim against the at-fault driver before they can access the rideshare company’s insurance.

Any passenger injured in a rideshare accident should seek immediate medical attention. A medical record generated soon after an incident strengthens any claim for damages.

Injured Drivers

A motorist injured while driving a rideshare driver is sometimes entitled to the rideshare company’s coverage. The company’s uninsured/underinsured motorist policy will pay a driver’s damages exceeding the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage. In some cases, the company may provide Med/Pay coverage, which represents coverage for incurring medical bills.

Claims Process for Pedestrians and Occupants of Other Vehicles

When a rideshare driver is at fault and hits a pedestrian or another vehicle, the company’s insurance coverage should cover an injured person’s damages. However, obtaining a reasonable sum can require substantial effort.

The insurers for rideshare companies aggressively defend claims. The law allows insurers to discount a claimant’s damages by a percentage equal to the claimant’s degree of fault. They can deny any payment if they can prove the claimant was primarily responsible for the incident. A Terre Haute lawyer could anticipate these arguments and be prepared with evidence to counter them, ensuring an injured person receives fair compensation.

Contact a Terre Haute Attorney Immediately After a Rideshare Accident

The rules regarding accidents involving rideshare vehicles are more complex than standard car accidents. Our attorneys help people secure appropriate compensation after ridesharing accidents in Terre Haute. Call our firm today to discuss your case with one of our knowledgeable lawyers.


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