Parking Lot Accidents in Terre Haute

Parking lots are prime spots for vehicle accidents. Drivers are often more focused on avoiding pedestrians in parking lots than other cars. Many drivers do not understand who has the right of way in parking lots.

Claiming compensation for injuries sustained in a parking lot accident can be challenging because it is not always obvious which driver was at fault. In many cases, both drivers bear some responsibility.

When you are involved in a parking lot accident in Terre Haute, contact our skilled motor vehicle crash attorneys immediately. They can help you seek financial recovery for your medical costs, lost wages, and more.

How Parking Lot Accidents Happen

Parking lots require drivers to be especially attentive. They are full of pedestrians, often children, and many parking lots do not have designated places for pedestrians to travel back and forth to their cars. Some parking lots have two-way traffic between parking rows, some have one-way traffic only, and the directions are not always clear.

These conditions can lead to accidents. A driver who is looking for a space might not see a child running behind a car. A driver who sees a break in pedestrian traffic and backs out might not see the oncoming vehicle. Sometimes, drivers try to fit in spaces that cannot accommodate their vehicle and hit a parked car.

Parking lot crashes usually occur at low speeds, reducing the probability that someone will suffer severe or fatal injuries. Even so, sometimes people are permanently harmed or killed. Less serious incidents could still cause injuries that significantly impact a person’s ability to work and overall well-being. A Terre Haute attorney could identify the parties responsible for a parking lot collision and ensure they pay appropriate compensation.

Potentially Responsible Parties in Parking Lot Crashes

Determining who had a role in a parking lot accident can be complicated. Any involved driver could have caused the incident, and most drivers in parking lot wrecks bear at least partial responsibility. However, sometimes, other factors contribute to the collision.

When the traffic pattern in a parking lot is unclear, the lot’s owner might be liable. The owner also could be liable if poor lighting or lack of maintenance in the lot contributed to the crash. Sometimes, a mechanical issue with a vehicle causes an accident. In that case, the manufacturer might be responsible.

A diligent Terre Haute lawyer could assert claims against all the parties whose conduct might have been a factor in the parking lot accident. Doing so increases the total amount of insurance coverage available and helps ensure the injured person receives appropriate payments. Sometimes, a parking lot accident occurs, and the responsible party does not leave contact information—in these cases, a driver must turn to their own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, if they have it.

Why Use an Attorney for a Parking Lot Accident Claim?

People in Terre Haute sometimes try to handle a parking lot accident claim without legal help, but doing so is risky. This state uses a fault-based system to settle vehicle accident claims. The insurer for the at-fault driver pays the damages of those who suffered losses in the incident. However, several complexities come into play that could limit a payout.

Insurance companies often assert that a claimant was partially responsible for the incident that caused their injuries. Indiana law says that an injured person partially to blame for an accident may only collect the portion of their damages attributable to others. For example, someone 20 percent responsible for an incident could collect no more than 80 percent of their damages.

Our seasoned legal professionals have experience finding and presenting evidence of other parties’ negligence. They could also present proof showing an injured person’s responsibility for an incident was minimal. By pushing back against other parties’ attempts to shift blame for an accident, our lawyers enhance the odds that the injured person will collect reasonable compensation for their injuries.

Enlist the Help of a Terre Haute Attorney When Claiming Damages After a Parking Lot Accident

A parking lot accident could result in a severe injury, but even when the injuries are minor, you still might suffer lingering pain and reduced function for some time.

You can get compensation for every loss you suffered in a parking lot accident in Terre Haute. Call our dedicated legal team at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin to get started.


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