Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Terre Haute

Large commercial vehicles require skill and training to operate. Given the size and weight of these 18-wheelers, even a single mistake by a truck driver can lead to devastating consequences for other motorists on the road. Unfortunately, collisions are a common occurrence. It is crucial to reach out to an understanding truck accident attorney for assistance with a claim after you have experienced a commercial vehicle wreck.

When you have been injured in a crash, it is understandable to wonder about the common causes of truck accidents in Terre Haute. When negligence is involved in a collision, our dedicated legal professionals could examine all the facts surrounding a case and help you seek the maximum compensation available.


Driving a commercial vehicle can be demanding. It involves long hours of concentration, and there are often professional consequences for arriving behind schedule. This can lead to truckers remaining on the road despite facing heavy fatigue. In fact, federal regulations require a minimum number of rests during a day or week of work.

Fatigue is dangerous because it impairs an individual’s reaction time and dulls their ability to make rational decisions in the face of changing road conditions. In a worst-case scenario, fatigue can lead to falling asleep behind the wheel of a truck, and it is a cause of wrecks in Terre Haute.


Traveling at unsafe speeds is dangerous for any motorist, but it is especially hazardous for 18-wheelers. Because they are larger, heavier, and longer than passenger cars, avoiding a collision at the last minute becomes much more difficult. These commercial trucks require a substantial amount of space to come to a complete stop, and that only grows when speeding.


There are few factors more likely to lead a truck driver to cause a crash than drug or alcohol impairment. These substances often leave a person with reduced reaction times and poor judgment. While drunk driving is dangerous under any circumstance, the risks are significant for someone behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. These truck operators frequently fail to recognize hazards or changing road conditions, causing them to collide with fixed objects or other drivers at full speed in Terre Haute. Given the size of a commercial truck, the impact is usually catastrophic.

Improper Weight or Packing

How a trailer is loaded can also increase the risk of a crash. The federal law limits how heavy trucks can be, as overweight vehicles can be unwieldy and require long stretches of road to come to a complete stop. The damage caused by heavier vehicles can also result in more substantial damage. The way the weight is disbursed throughout the trailer is also essential. When commercial vehicles are top-heavy, they are more likely to tip over.


Not every accident occurs because of human error. Many collisions would not have occurred if not for severe weather, like sleet or ice. Of course, it is the operator’s obligation to maneuver safely in bad conditions. A Terre Haute trucker could increase the odds of a commercial vehicle crash if they attempt to travel at unsafe speeds.

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Despite the countless common causes of truck accidents in Terre Haute, it is always worth speaking with a well-practiced attorney following a crash. If the other driver was responsible, you may be entitled to damages.

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