Common Truck Accident Injuries in Terre Haute

Commercial vehicles are a familiar presence on the roads and highways of Terre Haute. When these trucks are involved in an accident, the resulting injuries are often severe. The size difference between these 18-wheelers and passenger cars is significant, which can contribute to the extent of the damage. It is wise to consult a practiced truck accident attorney for help understanding the available options for pursuing an injury claim.

When negligence is involved in a truck accident in Terre Haute, you should not have to cover the cost of treating common injuries. You may be entitled to a variety of damages by filing a civil lawsuit against the at-fault party. Let our seasoned legal team at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin support you during every stage of the litigation process.

Back Injuries

There are many ways for a person to injure their back in a truck crash. In Terre Haute, some of the most common examples of commercial vehicle wreck injuries involve soft tissue damage, like sprains or strains. More serious conditions might involve a ruptured disc, which can result in severe pain and require surgery. The most serious injury involves damage to the spinal cord, and severing it leads to paralysis.

Severe Burns

People who have sustained an injury from a crash may get seriously burned. Large commercial vehicles are powered by combustible fuel and can also transport flammable substances. In a collision, these 18-wheelers can erupt into flames. The extent of a burn injury is measured by degrees. A first-degree burn is minor and will not typically require any medical care. On the other hand, fourth-degree burns involve damage to a person’s skin, muscle, and even bone. These wounds are often life-threatening.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

One of the most dangerous outcomes of an accident is trauma to the head. Any damage to the brain can have lasting, complicated health consequences that might change the trajectory of a person’s life. The most common example of these conditions that can result from a commercial vehicle collision in Terre Haute is a concussion. This injury occurs when a force jolts the brain hard enough to damage it.

Bone Fractures

Broken bones frequently occur. While they can happen in any vehicle collision, a crash involving a large commercial truck in Terre Haute is more likely to lead to a fracture due to the traumatic impact involved. Any part of the body damaged in a crash could experience a break. Some of the most common examples of these injuries include fractures to the wrist, arm, leg, back, or skull. Some of these injuries will heal on their own, while others may require multiple surgical procedures.

Internal Damage

Some common injuries from Terre Haute truck accidents do not come with obvious external clues. A person can damage their internal organs while not experiencing external wounds like cuts or bruises. These conditions are often the result of being crushed and involve damage to the pelvis, internal organs, blood vessels, or nerves. They can be life-threatening in many scenarios.

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The scope of injuries that can occur in these collisions can vary from minor to life-threatening. When you were hurt through no fault of your own from a common truck accident injury in Terre Haute, you might have a valid case for financial compensation, and our compassionate attorneys could help you seek justice.

Let the Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin team advise you on every aspect of your case. Call our firm today for a confidential initial consultation.


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