Rollover Truck Accidents in Terre Haute

Rollover accidents are dangerous in any vehicle. However, because semi-trucks have a higher center of gravity compared to cars, they are at an exceptionally high risk for tipping over. Additionally, other factors like speeding and negligent driving could increase an 18-wheeler’s risk for these kinds of crashes.

After a rollover truck accident in Terre Haute, the recovery process can be painful, complicated, and expensive for you or a loved one. In addition to the cost of medical care, you may have experienced lost wages or a loss in earning capacity. Fortunately, there may be remedies. A diligent truck accident attorney from Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin could help you understand your options as you pursue the maximum amount of compensation available to you.

What Are Rollover Accidents?

Although the term rollover implies that the truck does a full rotation, this type of accident includes any incident where the 18-wheeler turns onto its roof or side. In smaller vehicles, a rollover may involve multiple rotations, but the size of a commercial truck makes that unlikely.

There are three different types of rollover truck crashes: impact, tripped, and untripped. Impact rollovers start with a wreck, and the force of it leads to the semi-truck rolling over. The collision can be with another vehicle or a stationary object. In a tripped rollover, the 18-wheeler trips over something, such as a small curb, uneven ground, or poorly maintained road, causing it to lose its balance. In an untripped rollover accident in Terre Haute, the semi-truck does not hit anything, but, instead, makes a quick sharp turn, which may shift cargo, and lead to the rollover.

Determining Fault in Rollover Accidents

Rollover collisions could lead to multiple potential problems. For instance, the truck could hit other vehicles, and cars may swerve to avoid it, which in turn could cause other accidents that injure people. It is crucial to note that these injuries may occur without other vehicles hitting the commercial truck and could happen seemingly without the 18-wheeler’s involvement.

As a result, determining fault could be a highly complex process that requires a trained Terre Haute attorney to undergo a detailed investigation, which could involve them creating a model that analyzes the rollover truck accident. Under Indiana Code § 34-51-2-5, multiple people could be at fault in a wreck. This means that an injured person is able to recover compensation from others as long as they do not have 50 percent or more of the responsibility for a collision.

Sharing Responsibility in an Accident

Because shifting loads and poorly maintained vehicles may contribute to a rollover, other parties may share responsibility. For instance, if someone loaded the truck improperly, they may have contributed to the accident. Additionally, if the trucker is not an owner-operator of the vehicle, then any negligence in maintaining it could also contribute to the collision. Our attorneys will look at all of the circumstances to help injured motorists understand their rights. Often, a truck’s event data recorder could provide insight into the cause of the wreck.

Contact a Terre Haute Attorney To Understand Your Options After a Rollover Truck Accident

The aftermath of a truck rollover collision could be confusing, and people may have significant injuries that require medical care, time, and money to heal. However, the attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin could help you understand your potential remedies, provide settlement ranges, and examine potentially liable parties.

Our compassionate legal professionals are here to help you through this difficult time. Schedule a consultation to find out more about rollover truck accidents in Terre Haute.


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