First Steps to Take After a Terre Haute Truck Accident

The first steps you take after a Terre Haute truck accident can impact your health and a possible injury claim. You must act quickly to protect your rights and secure the fair compensation you deserve. A skilled truck accident attorney from Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin could help you understand all available options for pursuing a claim.

Our legal team could also help you avoid mistakes that may hurt your chances of getting fair compensation. Call us today to discuss your case.

Contact the Police

Notifying law enforcement is the first step to take after a Terre Haute truck wreck. When bodily injuries or significant property damage are involved, the law requires the relevant parties to contact the police and report the crash. Given the devastating impact of a truck collision, these factors are frequently present. When law enforcement arrives at the scene, they will take a report, which involves speaking with each group about how it occurred. When finalized, a person injured in an accident can request a copy of this report.

Seek Medical Care

Physical health is the top priority for every injured person. For that reason, obtaining a medical evaluation is an important step following a Terre Haute commercial vehicle collision. Emergency medical care is often needed immediately, but the severity of some injuries may only become clear in the days following a crash.

It is not enough to see a doctor once after a wreck. Following a physician’s treatment plan is the best way to give an injured motorist the best chance of making a full recovery. Complying with a treatment plan can also protect a personal injury settlement.

Document the Scene

A thorough investigation is vital for pursuing financial compensation after a truck crash. There is a limited amount of time to get all the facts at the collision scene, and a driver should collect as much evidence as possible if their condition allows it. Taking pictures is an essential step as it documents the scene and can confirm the vehicles’ position in the Terre Haute truck collision. It is also essential to record contact information for any independent witnesses at the scene. At trial, juries often give substantial weight to the testimony of these people because they are not biased.

Avoid Talking About the Facts

In addition to the steps a person should take following a truck accident in Terre Haute, there are also actions worth avoiding. One example is discussing any aspect of the crash. The law requires the people involved in accidents to share certain information, including their license plate number and insurance policy details. However, discussing the facts beyond this basic information is not advised. Insurance adjusters and attorneys can take a statement of context and twist it to seem like an admission of guilt.

Talk to a Terre Haute Attorney About the First Steps After a Truck Accident

Every vehicle collision occurs under particular circumstances. However, certain aspects must be handled after a crash that will protect your rights and health.

When you have questions about the first steps to take after a Terre Haute truck accident, now is the time to ask. Contact our experienced attorneys at Fleschner, Stark, Tanoos & Newlin as soon as possible to set up an initial consultation.


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